Super Famicom, also known as Super Nintendo came out in Japan in 1990 and in America the following year, with a more powerful… well, everything.  It had much better 3rd party support and more games being developed for it. It did have one problem…


          In 1991, watching their sales slide Sega decided to exploit the weakness of the Super Nintendo and its mascot Mario, with a little Blue rodent known as Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic was everything that Mario wasn’t. He was fast, he was cool and most of all he had an Attitude.  Gamers caught on with Sonic immediately and when Sonic 2 came out, the day was known as “Sonic Tuesday”. Sonic the Hedgehog soon became the pack in game… and just as things seemed they couldn’t go wrong for Sega… they did.

By 1993 with Genesis sales slumping Sega needed to find something; something new. So in late 1993 they released Sega CD. Sega CD, which had quite a few good titles, didn’t sell well because of its high price tag. Then only to make things worse amid a announcements from Sega and Sony of full 32-Bit consoles, Sega releases another over priced Genesis add on, The 32x which had only about 25 games, most of which weren’t compelling, also helped to put the nail in the coffin for the Sega Genesis… and possibly all other Sega consoles to come.

Sega Saturn was released in early 1995 amid speculation by the gaming public and was one of the first consoles to have high resolution 3D graphics and full Stereo Sound. But, it failed to catch on. Sony’s Playstation and Nintendo’s Nintendo 64 soon surpassed it in sales and the Saturn was just another footnote in video game history.

            Finally in 1998 after being silent for about 2 years, Sega announced their next gen 

128-Bit console, The Katana. The Katana, whose name was later changed to the 

Dreamcast, had better graphics and sound than any console before it.

1990's Historical Timeline:


Sega’s Stock listed on first tier of Tokyo Stock Exchange

Sega Game Gear released



Sega releases Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic is the only non-Disney character at Disney theme parks


            Sega CD is released



Sega 32x is Released

Virtua Fighter a popular arcade fighting game was released.



Sega Saturn is Released

Daytona USA is released

Panzer Dragoon is released



NiGHTS is released

            Panzer Dragoon Saga is released


Katana announced

           Katana name changed to Dreamcast



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